Our mission is to provide immediate support and long-term rehabilitation for children affected by conflicts and in poverty, ensuring they have access to the medical care, education, and advocacy they deserve. Join us in our journey to make a difference in the lives of children who need it the most.

It’s not about counting deaths,
it’s about valuing lives.

Regardless of your political views or opinion, can we all agree that this is not acceptable?

Gaza needs us more than ever. The escalating crisis has left countless children in dire need of medical attention, support, and hope. Children Not Numbers is on the ground, providing immediate aid and working towards sustainable solutions for the children of Gaza.



Immediate short-term medical evacuation

We strive to identify those in urgent need of short-term medical evacuation and facilitate their transfer to host states equipped to manage their complex healthcare needs. Further, to establish pathways with various jurisdictions to ensure prompt and efficient medical evacuation for children requiring urgent medical care.


Medical aid delivery

Provide necessary medical aid and optimise in-country medical treatment to help alleviate some suffering.


Sustainable rehabilitation support

Offer long-term, sustainable support and rehabilitation services for their lifelong disabilities to promote the well-being of affected children.


Advocacy for children’s rights

Advocate passionately and vocally for the rights of children, striving for their protection and empowerment.


Educational program implementation

Implement educational programs and mobilise resources to advance children’s rights and drive policy changes.


Upskill junior medical professionals on the ground

Provide specialised training, mentorship, and continuous professional development opportunities to deliver quality healthcare services to the children and families they serve.

Every child matters
right now.

Our work spans across several critical areas to support the ill and injured children and their families. From facilitating urgent short-term medical evacuations to providing necessary medical aid and long-term rehabilitation services, we are dedicated to the well-being and empowerment of affected children. Through advocacy and education, we also strive to mobilise resources and drive policy changes for the betterment of children’s lives.

We need hope not fear. Love not neglect. Action not words. We need you now. Not later.


Become a part of our mission by volunteering your time and skills. Whether it’s on the ground in conflict zones or from your own community, your contribution can change lives. Check out our latest roles here.


Your donations provide critical support for immediate and long-term needs, helping us continue our work for children in crisis.

Regular Giving

Become a regular supporter to help us plan and execute our initiatives with the assurance of sustained resources.

Become a Partner

Join us as a corporate or organisational partner in creating impactful change. Together, we can achieve more.

Schools & Workplaces

Engage your school or workplace in fundraising and awareness initiatives. There’s strength in numbers, and every effort counts.


Organise a fundraising event or challenge to support our cause. Your creativity and effort can bring hope and change. 

Leave a Gift in Your Will

Consider leaving a legacy that will impact the lives of children for generations to come. Your gift can make a lasting difference.

About us

Children Not Numbers was founded by two mothers from London and Hertfordshire, driven by the urgent need to support Palestinian children caught in the midst of conflict.

We are a registered NGO in Belgium and a CIC in the UK. Our core belief is that every child deserves a chance to thrive, not just survive.

Our initiatives focus on immediate medical evacuation, delivery of medical aid, sustainable rehabilitation support, advocacy for children’s rights, and educational program implementation.